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Welcome to
New York Career Academy, Inc.

"Ryugaku, Shukatsu, and Beyond!"

At New York Career Academy (NYCA),
we consider ourselves as a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE 
dedicated for human development (which eventually leads to developing everything!).

We offer a variety of services to individuals, schools, companies etc.,
including but are not limited to
academic advising & program development, career consulting, life coaching & more!




As our ten-color logo represents, we believe in the idea of "individual differences" --- everyone is different and that's a beautiful thing! 

Be confident being you, and live your life (career) to the fullest!



There is no "packaged" services at NYCA. Every service is customized to maximize the talent and opportunities of those involved.

  • Study Abroad Counseling & Customized Services (US ⇔ Japan) 
  • Academic Advising & Program Development
  • Career Development Counseling, Workshops & Seminars
  • Study Tours for Youth & Young Professionals 
  • Corporate Training
  • Other Projects & Initiatives Related To Our Expertise

We also do our best to bring fun and positive experiences in each service we provide!


Our Founder

Naomi Osawa is the Founder and CEO of New York Career Academy, Inc. She was born in Gunma Precture, Japan, and has lived in New York since 2002.

Prior to founding NYCA, she led many global education projects as General Manager of a major Japanese corporation. To date, Naomi and her team have serviced 12,000+ individuals and 100+ institutions, ranging among teens, youth, working mothers, seniors, Ivy League universities and Fortune 500 companies. 

Naomi is a passionate leader in the field of education and human development. She is certified as Global Career Development Facilitator, has a perfect TOEIC score of 990, serves as the Co-Founder/President of New York Gunma Association, and most importantly a proud mother of two!


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