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Welcome to
New York Career Academy

Ryugaku, Shukatsu, and Beyond!

New York Career Academy (NYCA) is a higher education and career consulting company,
connecting Japan and the World


Who We Are

New York Career Academy, Inc. (NYCA) is a higher education and career consulting company connecting Japan and the world, founded by our CEO Naomi Osawa in the summer of 2016.

Prior to creating NYCA, Naomi worked in a major human resources companies in Japan as the head of the U.S. operations. Being a certified global career counselor and a passionate believer of education, she led and got involved in numerous global talent development projects in both Japan and the U.S. With her professional and volunteer work, Naomi worked at 150+ universities and served 10,000 students in both countries combined.

To utilize her expertise more effectively and to help more people, Naomi decided to create a platform: New York Career Academy, Inc.



What We Offer

At NYCA, we offer events, seminars, counseling, and consulting services related to:

  • Ryugaku (study abroad) programs in the U.S.
  • Shukatsu (college-to-job transitional activities) programs in the U.S. and Japan
  • Kenshu (study trip) programs in the U.S.

Many of our clients are based in Japan. We've been serving a variety of clients, including but are not limited to:

  • High school students & their parents
  • College students & their parents
  • Educational institutions (e.g. high schools, specialized schools, colleges & universities)
  • Corporations of various sizes

Our Values

There is a Japanese saying "Junin Toiro (十人十色; 10 People, 10 Colors)" which means that there are 10 different career/life paths if there are 10 people. At NYCA, we believe in and advocate this concept, so we incorporated it in our 10-color logo!

In every aspect of our services, we strive to encourage our clients live their own lives, not influenced too much by stereotypes or main-stream ways of living.